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Stemler, S.E. (under review). What should university admissions tests predict? webtable1 webtable2

Stemler, S.E., Chamvu, F., Chart, H., Jarvin, L., Jere, J., Hart, L., Kaani, B., Kalima, K., Kwiatkowski, J., Mambwe, A., Kasonde-N'Gandu, S., Newman, T., Serpell, R., Sparrow, S., Sternberg, R.J., & Grigorenko, E.L.. (2009). Assessing competencies in reading and mathematics in Zambian children. In E.L. Grigorenko (Ed.), Multicultural Psychoeducational Assessment (pp. 157-186). New York: Springer Publishers. webtables webfigures

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